View from bus

Had to be at RBCH for Mr B’s early appt. Thank heavens good results. Probably just pulled a muscle assembling a flat pack.

Then returned on the Westbourne bus. Wandered round and then walked to town. Ponti was closed on Tuesday (something new, had forgotten).

So somehow tempted Mr B into the very new VEGAN Twelve Eatery in the Triangle. Owned by 2 delightful chaps, one Brazilian, one a Brit. All organic, seasonal, ‘green’ (surplus goes to composting or the local soup kitchen) and they will grow tomatoes and herbs at the back.

When we entered Mr B whizzed off to do his hourly steps. I ordered a flat white made with oat milk for him, and requested the barista not to tell him, as Mr B does NOT do vegan :(

He didn’t even notice! He commented it was a ‘caffé latte’ (ie too milky). Then I surprised him and said it was oat milk. Knowing him, he’s a ‘testardo’ (=stubborn), he will decline another one in future.

But I’m determined to get him in for food. Today I had an excellent sourdough with mushrooms, and home made hummus, from the brunch menu. They also do a more refined à la carte. While there coincidentally a friend asked if I was free to go to the same place on Monday - had mentioned it to her a few weeks ago. Shall order the scrambled tofu on toast - intrigued.

Drizzly, damp and grey all day.

The blip is from the top deck on the return X1. Another hideous high rise. The TINY skip dangling in the sky.

Thanks to wrperry for hosting Tiny Tuesday

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