Salisbury Market Square

(Sorry very behind viewing your blips!)

Took the X3 to Salisbury. Spontaneous decision, 1h30m ride with some lovely country views. Haven’t been there since that nasty incident affecting the Skripals. Anyway we’re back safe!

Walked the usual route. Up and down the central streets. Round the cathedral. Coffee Lab closed for refurb, so ended up at the artisan baker where we had a surprisingly decent flat white and Mr B bought a large round crusty white loaf which he declared excellent.

Took loads of photos of the cathedral but decided to go with with this one of the Market Square which has a large and bustling market on Saturdays. Its TRADITION goes back to 1214. Have added some extra photos if you wish to look.

“The market has been held in Salisbury since 1219 with the founding of the city (and mainly the cathedral). The market was an opportunity for farmers and traders to sell their wares and goods as Salisbury was the largest city in the region”

Thanks steven for today’s challenge ‘Tradition’

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