Every Monday’s (I know today’s Thursday) the same. Smashed shop windows and bus shelters around town. 

We just met our friend G for coffee in Westbourne.  

And then back to his for a drink, and the 2 men played Scopa (Italian card game). Then to Tesco in town. 

Now heading to Southbourne where the newish cheese (and local salami/ham) shop ‘Parlourmentary’ - has received the long promised delivery of vegan cheeses. And will be able to taste them too!  Made by a former dairy cheesemaker in Bristol, who has turned vegan. 

I ended up buying 100gm for .... wait for it ... £7.  That’s £70 a kilo. Don’t even ask, and I’m certainly not sharing it. The one I bought was the best of the three I tasted, but not convinced I’ll be back for more until they get a blue or cheddar ‘cheeze’ to try.   So still need to find a decent vegan cheese, so far I haven’t found one for love or money - although I am very happy with one brand of cream cheese (can only get via Ocado), and a creme fraiche. 

Now attempting to shorten the sleeves of Mr B’s light weight navy jacket. I asked in a couple of shops and they want between 20 and £30 (the jacket didn’t cost much more). So I thought I’d try and do it myself. Getting there very slowly.

Today’s blip is taken at a vandalised bus shelter in the Triangle. For Ingeborg’s Abstract Thursday ‘no theme’ challenge.

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