Cheviot hills

In the morning, MrM and Jake manhandled 10 huge planks of wood into the living room through the window. As it involved standing in the road for a short while, it seemed more sensible to do it today (Sunday) with very few cars on the road, rather than wait until tomorrow.

Then we all set off to walk up Yeavering Bell - not particularly high or difficult, but on it are the remains of the largest Iron Age Hill fort in the region and, from the top, fabulous views. There was a fierce, icy wind when we got to the top, and it was difficult to stand still enough to take photos. We weren't tempted to stay for long!

Not much snow on Yeavering Bell or the nearby hills, but from the top we could see a band of snow towards the coast.

On the way up and down we saw several of the wild goats (extra, taken from a distance) that graze in the area. Apparently, they are not native to Britain - it is thought that they were brought here in Neolithic times as domestic stock, derived from the Bezoar Capra aegagrus, a native of the Middle East.

Home for a meal (cooked by Lucy and Jake), a film, and a couple of glasses of red...

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