View from the Market Place...

...Wooler. There are a lot of churches in Wooler - this one is the United Reformed Church, and the Glendale Hall which is available for hire and used for many different activities.

Jake took Lucy to the station early on, for her train back to Leeds in time for an 'artist's talk' this afternoon'. Lovely to see her, if only for a short time!

A glorious day, but bitterly cold in the strong wind - a good day for a walk, but it was not to be. Work slowed on the living room as they are waiting for some parts which will, hopefully, come tomorrow. When they had finished all that could be done there, they started putting some cladding on the wall in the hall.
I seemed to be acting as the gofer, and on the go all day without achieving anything at all. If I hear anyone say "Can you just..." , "Have you seen...", or "Can you find a ..." once more today, I may scream!

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