Walking Away

Monday of my last week. I had a few meetings, and was fairly busy today. I keep discovering things I said I'd do and had slipped off my radar, so have been trying to catch up.

I took in a load of food, cakes, and made tiropita, tzatziki and a vegan spaniakopita for the team. Most of it was eaten in one day, so I may have to try and make a bit more...

I had a meeting over lunchtime, but went for a walk just afterwards. The sun had come out, and it was lovely. The geese, ducks and seagulls in the tiny park nearby were all chilled out until I pitched up, and all turned their backs on me. Clearly I was invading 'their space'. But they couldn't always agree which direction to go. The geese were all herded by one, who opened wings to shepherd them to the water, but the mallards are clearly more independent minded.

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