Life from a City

By LeggeAngie

Foggy Sunrise

This morning started out quite foggy. As I arrived at work, the sun was rising, and the mist became this gorgeous pink / purple colour. Then, within 5 or 10 minutes, the mist began to burn off, the sky turned a golden red beneath blue - in the extra. It was stunning to see.

It has been a busy day. I've been keen to try to get things done and sorted, so am chasing around trying to finish things off, and handover what I can't. But at lunchtime, everything stopped, as my team and I went out for lunch. We went to the pub over the road - we all had small portions, and it was still large plates. I was good. I went for fishcakes and salad.  It did mean I didn't get my walk though, so I had to take the long route round to my car to try to get my steps in.

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