By dogwithnobrain

Stick Around, You'll see What I mean

Today (Sunday) we were using Mam to himself's Christmas Pressie - Beer and Cheese Pairing at our fav. Pub. We had already had to cancel once because of the stupid trains - and moved it out three weeks.  

How were we to know the rail works would be on going and would cause all havoc? 

Cue: Train for 15 miles, off train, on bus, bus for 20 miles off Bus, onto train, train for 10 miles. (Please note Glasgow is not 45 miles away, it's just the route they took).   Then a quick walk along the road... and into pub. 

Speaking to the Groom on Friday - he said he would be in Glasgow today too, so it wasn't too great a surprise when he walked in with the new Bride.    We finished our tasting and bounced (yeah, and bounced is the word - five snifters and a pint and I was away)....

We had a round and then .... the younger of my nephews also arrived with his gal in tow. 

So we enjoyed a few more drinks and some giggles and then we had to head back down the road, Train, Bus, train, walk.  Again. 

And this morning (Monday) I had the worst sore head every.   

I have moaned and moaned all day.

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