By dogwithnobrain

It's Not Quite A Jaguar

This photo was not taken today, Hands up I'll admit it. 

This is a photo of a slide I found.... I'm fascinated by it.

I remember this garage.. in this incarnation... my Nant and Nunk worked there, part-time I think.  I remember calling in, and them coming out to put petrol in the car.... remember when people did that? 

Then later...a couple took it over  -"Entrepreneurs who had their fingers in a lot of pies.   A Restaurant to eat in.  A boutique to get dressed in.  A Travel Company - to get cheap flights and nice villas... and a garage, with a car rental, so that they could drive around. 

Quite fascinating how they jiggled their lives around a range of businesses - getting other people to run them, whilst they just had the time of their lives (allegedly). 

It's gone now - I can't tell you quite how long ago it's been gone.   I looked at google maps 2008 - and the flats which stand there now -were there then... 

I find it weird how things which were once so familiar disappear, and are gone apart from in our memories - and the things which take their place become so natural to our mind.


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