By dogwithnobrain

Staring at the Sky, Dragging my two feet

After a wee run to Ikea today, we had a bimble round Currys.  

Wow - it's been ages since i've been in there, what a nightmare. All of the STUFF.  

Do people really need that much STUFF? 

there were three rows of washing machines. 7kg 8kg 9kg and 10kg.  Apparently a 10 kg load is 3 towels and 20 tshirts and 2 pairs of trousers.   let me tell you this - I've got 7Kg one just now and I can easily get that much in there.  They lie, you know, they lie. 

I also looked at Sharks.  Everyone says Sharks are great.  I don't like how they look.  I don't like how the Dysons look either.   And I haven't heard anyone talking about Bosche, or Hoovers, so I'm not convinced I'd be doing myself any favours buying one of them. 

So I didn't. 

I told Si, I'd rather have a new tablet than a vacuum I didn't like. 

But I didn't buy one either. 

Then we went and had a look round the car showroom -  Si is less able than me to say no. 

And then we went and looked at the waves... and the sky was black but then the sun broke through and then we had rainbows... .

I'm exhausted now. 

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