Redshank In The Rain

I took MrQ to Ernest Doe in Ulting to get yet another machine, a metal cutter this time. We went to Heybridge Basin afterwards and he had lunch and a snooze in the car while Ollie dog and I went for a walk along the sea wall. Unfortunately it was raining which made photography difficult and the tide was in so not many waders to be seen. I've decided to blip this redshank which sort of sums up the grey day. 

I've added an image of a pair of oystercatchers which I strongly suspect are the same pair I've photographed here quite a few times since 2013. (Extras) They were both unipedal resting with heads tucked under their wings when one suddenly let out a cry as if to say, "Wakey, wakey, the tide has turned, time to tuck in." Off they flew to probe the exposed mud. :) 

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