But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Cold Soup.

At the beginning of December, we purchased Christmas tree from the collapsible furniture emporium; it was a good buy as it came with a voucher for very nearly the cost of the tree. It’s a good theory, but once I had circumcised it and put it in a bucket of water -  according to the instructions, I fell ill and wasn’t up to coping with the festive season until after it was over. The tree is still outside in its bucket looking for all the World as though it will still be o.k. for next Christmas.
We went to redeem the said voucher today: I wanted a dust bin for storing vast quantities of sugar, while Herself wanted a reading lamp. The bin was easy but, Mrs TD is a little more fussy; she did, after all enquire as to whether white was a suitable colour for the bin – to store sugar in the garage(?) Being unable to find a lamp to her specification, we came away with a few cacti to make up the shortfall in expenditure. I do wonder sometimes; why would a few cacti be more suitable than a lamp for reading in bed?
It is not my wont to Blip lunch, but I had a bowl of minestrone, while Herself opted for leak and potato; they were both stone cold. I interrupted the lovely Michelle who was wiping down tables, to ask if there was any way we could get the soup heated; she offered to get some fresh for us. I questioned the merit of fresh cold soups, but she confidently told me the fresh soup would be hot - ending with the words, “Trust me.” We had to wait awhile for the soup to cool sufficiently for us to drink. The downside was that, when we had nearly finished, Mrs TD said that she would have preferred the minestrone; strange really as I was thinking that I would have been better with the leak and potato. It seems the two varieties were equally bad – but at least they were hot.

I have just posted Blips for yesterday and the day before.

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