By Arachne

About 20 years later than I first intended (as is increasingly the story of my life) I went to the theatre to see Yasmina Reza's Art this evening. I felt a bit let down: I didn't believe in the relationships it presented, nor was I convinced by the high-powered, super-fast dialogue. No-one, not even the proverbially intellectual French, comes up with repartee that smartly.

It was neither the comedy for which it has won so many awards nor was it the tragedy that Reza thought she was writing. 

But my three companions had three different sets of views and we talked in the theatre bar for almost an hour afterwards - about friendship, gender, power, authenticity, humour, French/Anglo-Saxon cultures and even a little about art.

So I was won over. Any play that can generate that good a discussion has to have been worth seeing.

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