By Arachne

Roundel with lines and colours

This morning I spotted an ugly, intrusive red cross next to someone's comment and was puzzled. Then I spotted a circular Union Jack. A few clicks later I realised that we can all now choose to have a version of the flag of the country we live in next to our names. 

I see from the comments on the blogpost which announced this change later in the day that my dislike puts me in a small minority. But I do really dislike it.

I'm quite happy for blippers to know where I'm based if they choose to look at my bio but where I live is one of the least important things about my images.

And I'm not prepared to flag-wave. I know I have an unusually high aversion to nationalism but this just makes me feel I belong here a little less.

Cheeryoscuro has summed up my discomfort very well: Flags are more divisive than uniting for me. I find it hard to see them any other way, so I’d prefer not to see them at all.

The politics of this is the worst thing for me but it's also an issue of design. The existing icons were in muted colours but flags often include eye-pulling red. Red would work marginally better on the late lamented grey but on white it's tacky. If a photography community doesn't get the aesthetics of that I'm bewildered.

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