This, That, and Tother.

I am one of that rare breed of person that doesn’t really like coffee. I am sure this will come as a surprise to many given my predilection for coffee shops. My dilemma is that although I love the sociability of the latter, I am never overly enthusiastic about the different forms of caffeine they serve although the accompaniment of a scone or bun helps “the medicine go down”.

Because of this, I am no connoisseur of the coffee bean and have been happy to serve any guests in the Dower House with instant coffee, while my more sophisticated friends have been investing in expensive coffee machines. I have now decided the time is right to buy a cafetière to produce a more acceptable cuppa for guests.

This rigmarole is the precursor to saying why I was in John Lewis first thing this morning to buy the said cafetière and be able to see what is happening to that large hole that was once the St James Centre, also to blip the top of Leith Walk shrouded in mist and choc full of barricades as is becoming the norm for that poor street.

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