By LadyFindhorn


Mondays can sometimes be dismal days just because they are at the beginning of the working week. Even as a bus pass holder with no work to go to, they are coloured a sort of grey brown colour in my minds eye. Not this Monday though. It was sunny, there were blue skies and it was a balmy 6°. It makes such a difference to the viewing of the world when the sun shines through the windows although it reminds me the latter are in need of a good clean.
Even the tulips got excited, opened up in the warm sunshine and put on a colourful display for me.

My Edinburgh friend of many talents and I sat in my favourite café, in the sun and put the world to rights surrounded by the students who are able to afford the time and money to coffee in the right circles. Changed days indeed.

There is a jingle on STV, advertising some lottery which says “Mondays and Thursdays are the best days of the week” as apparently they are days when the draw is taken. I was chanting that to myself through gritted teeth as I changed into my less than warm gym clothes to go and do penance for a weekend of indulgence. I have to say the endorphins of relief at having accomplished the task were almost worth the angst.

But as if to tempt me to fall off the pedestal of virtue at my accomplishment, there is a bag of salted caramel truffles, teasing me from the sidelines........

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