Not one of the Five -a-Day!

Police Scotland were out in force early this morning as I took my morning walk. Five marked police cars slewed across the road outside the Sick Children’s hospital, doors open with a crowd of Bobbies seemingly detaining just one lanky man with dreadlocks. Being a quiet road at this time of the morning, there were no bystanders other than two women smoking outside the hospital. They seemed vague about what was happening suggesting it had been a police chase. I will probably never know, but I have never ever seen so many police cars in the one spot........and I didn’t even have my phone camera with me.

With no blip of Police Scotland falling into my can, I have had to improvise, and what better than the bad example of these extremely unhealthy but probably delicious to the tastebuds hot cross buns; no ordinary hot cross buns which I thought they were when I found them in my basket, but chocolate enriched hot cross buns. So horrified am I at the calorific luxury that they are going to be offered to David and Luca when they arrive for a statutory visit this afternoon.

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