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Everything Water: A Community Challenge

What comes to mind when you think about water? 
We play in it, bathe in it, drink it and cook with it. Floods or droughts can affect entire cities. Rivers, lakes and seas do not only support life on land but they are also home to many animals and plants. Oceans play a key role in ensuring a stable climate for the planet.  Water is essential for producing food, electricity and many products. Rivers and seas are major trade routes, connecting countries and cultures.
Can you capture water’s many forms and uses in a photograph or two? 
If so, you are ready for our next community challenge!
The challenge will run for two weeks between Feb 9 and Feb 23 and you may enter a maximum of two photos in the challenge by tagging your blip post to:
- 2019Water (no spaces), and
- Country name (e.g. United States)
Pls note that both tags are required to qualify for consideration.
Optionally, you can add a tag for a city, state or other geographic marker that will help narrow down the location of your shot.
Please make sure that the water element (whatever its form) is the hero of the shot, regardless of whatever else may be happening in the image.

To look at current entries, include the hashtag in your search: #2019water
I look forward to lots of creative shots from all over our community of blippers!
Ready? Set? Go!
Posted by Michele (aka Alsacienne)
Photo by Michele
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