Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

More trees/poles

BC Hydro had planned to come over today to fix up the road they mangled during the storm cleanup.   But it was too frozen!  They came anyway to explain about the poles they are replacing soon and how they will get to them.
IN 1992, friend Mary and I bushwhacked up the hill, compass in hand, to find the direct route from our cabin just barely being built (with generators for the power tools) to the BC hydro line on the top servicing their high voltage cables.    5 poles worth..which we had to pay for.  (Thereafter BC Hydro maintains them and replaces them) After the Dec 20 storm, when they had to replace 356 poles in their area that fell over, they’ve been checking them.   One of ours was replaced 2 summers ago as it rotted at the ground level.   They bored holes in them, just like checking a tree to see if they are rotting…Well,  2 more are rotten..  But the one with the transformer on it is fine.   why?  Turns out the ones that are rotting are PINE but the one with the transformer behind the studio is CEDAR.   The replacements will be CEDAR, which supposedly will last longer than 27 years.   (I wonder when they will figure out another material, like for dock pilings…  how about recycled plastic?:)

The main picture is the pole in the back yard with the electric wire going to the cabin…to be replaced... (and the Swedish flag and the bathouse to save)   I’m standing with the camera by the studio…

Extra: looking up the hill we climbed you can see the cedar pole with transformer and then up the hill the pine one they will also replace… (there are 2 more after that, 1 new)  . It’s no easy matter to access any of these!!  Besides bringing them on a barge, there are no roads to here… And yes, there are too many trees, especially near the cabin…I’ve become a slightly less zealous tree hugger in my old age,. :-)

Still too cold for me.   The small studio is cozy tho and I've just lit the sauna.  Big pot of soup on the stove.  

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