Life Savors

By osuzanna

Cattail Seeds

Less than 5 days ago our temperatures dipped to -5 C (15 F) and today they rose to 22 C, (72 F).  We cheerfully tossed our coats and enjoyed this respite, knowing full well that the cold will be returning soon.  We expect two more days of this later in the week, just enough to give the plants a false start. 

It was so enjoyable to be outside.  I threw open the moon roof in the car and went for a ride.  I went out to my favorite spring and summer location, which looks so different in the winter and that is where I found these cattails. I didn't stay long because some hunters showed up. (Note to self - need to get an orange vest).

From there I drove north through the beautiful Montgomery County and Frederick County countryside.  A few days ago, my friend Martin who is an extraordinary landscape photographer posted on Facebook a gorgeous picture of a lonely tree taken at sunrise. I had no idea where it was.  As I was driving along today, lo and behold, I came across his tree.  At first, I couldn't believe it so pulled over, pulled out my phone to check his picture and sure enough it was his tree.  What are the odds of that happening?  Martin's tree is in the shot, not his, so not taken at sunrise and not nearly as special. 

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