Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Well, who knew that Sandhill Cranes purred?  Sefferdog and I were crouched on the ground at Circle B in Lakeland, FL letting a pair of Sandhills get closer and closer.  This one was maybe 12 feet away when I started hearing a strange purring sound.  After looking all over for the source of the noise, I realized it was the crane.  I'll have to look this up but Wade and I are thinking it is some sort of courtship behavior.  This photo has minimal cropping but I did have to downsize it for Blip.  

Addendum:  I did some reading and learned that purring is common when sandhills are feeling and occasionally when they feel threatened.

The trip to Florida is, obviously, off to a great start.  We had a fabulous time at Circle B and look forward to tomorrow's adventures.

It's late and this photographer is on her last gasp, so over and out.


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