Brick wall / wheels came off

Theme of the week for Kramers Eye, see is 'bricks', today about brickwork patterns. I thought one of my shots today also visualises the polite version of how I feel about Brexit and its reverberations. For those who didn't know or suspect already, I am a European, educated at one of the European Schools (where apparently the teachers of the English sections have already received letters from the UK government that in case of a 'No deal' they will be out of a job immediately, in the middle of the schoolyear, leaving them and their students in chaos). I noted the uproar about mr Tusk's tweet and while I don't find it very diplomatic I do think those who are offended about it probably should read it again and again. It is all so very frustrating, especially the lies and blatant untruths about the EU. And yes, those people who promoted Brexit without even an inkling of a plan should be very, very ashamed of them selves, in my not so humble opinion. Rant over for today.

Tomorrow it's the first Thursday of the new month and thus a theme-free  Abstract Thursday with tag AT189, looking forward to your creations :-)

Thanks very much for the good wishes and kind comments and stars for yesterday's Lunar New Year red packets :-)

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