hello again

By admirer


A sunny day!
But I hesitated to go outside in the garden.
It was in the afternoon that we drove to Helmarshausen for our walk
around the Mittelberg. The sun was behind light clouds then.
It is an easy walk with nice views on the forest and the Krukenburg hill.
We chatted with a woman who we had met on New Year's Eve at the ruin. She is dutch as we are, and she has lived already for 25 years in Helmarshausen, with much pleasure, enjoying the quietness, the beauty of the landscape.
On our walk a cat came walking around a car, stretching and she was interested in us too.
It is my entry for the Wild Wednesday Challenge. Huge thanks to Cailleach for hosting.

I have given more silly hearts to gordo, JohnRH, PamelaJ, Kipsie, and Muguet.

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