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By cbimages

Fluorescent Yellow

Was the colour of my pee this afternoon. I had spent a couple of hours in the Moorfields clinic at Bedford Hospital so that the medics could pump the yellow stuff into my veins through this cannula.  They wanted to see where the leaks in my retina were appearing, so they took photos of each eye (for comparison, I suppose) as the dye flowed through the retina.

I was impressed at the speed with which my kidneys (I suppose) filtered out the dye from my blood.  God was very clever with his body design .  .  .

The answer?  My fovea has a horseshoe-shaped leak(s) which requires close observation.  I'll do this again in May to see if the leak (called a CSR) has mended itself or if it needs a bit of a zap.

Again, the staff in a very busy unit were excellent, really cheerful, professional and effective.  The Lord help us if the Tories allow the US medical system to contaminate the NHS – particularly post-Brexit.

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