Plus ça change...

By SooB


Early start.  Slightly later, off to the airport with Mr B.
Work, some strolling in the sunshine, work, lunch with kids.  Took the rabbits out for some air in the afternoon.  I guess the springtime suits them for being out and about as they were both very adventurous, and Joey didn’t once try to run back into the house.  Not sure what he’s trying to eat here.
Lots of chat with Mr B today, and a long spell trying to sort out my website / email addresses.  Successful in the end.  I’m sure those kind of things could be made easier.
Introduced CarbBoy to the IT Crowd (TallGirl had retired ‘to bed’ but from the noises off, I think she is up to something DIY-wise) and he pronounced himself very amused.  We’re allowed to watch more.

There are a bunch of backblips for those completer-finishers amongst you.

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