Joyful Juicing

Bit of a pool day this morning (as HarlingDarling would say), though I did do a fair bit of washing; you can see exactly how many days' worth by counting Mike's pairs of colourful socks (in extra). So sunny we had our naps outside.

Julia and I then wandered into town, and ended up standing for an hour or so listening to one friend's problems in the gathering darkness, and then another hour or so listening to another lady in her freezing home, and then Mike joined us in the Adega, where Julia amused everyone by almost falling off the lethal bench in there (because Mike and I both got up at the same time to greet someone). 

- enough sunshine to charge up the batteries to pump water and do a wash
- the miracle of fresh orange juice
- the privilege of having the language and the time to be able to listen to people

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