Dear Lord,

Good Afternoon. I hope all is well. I do have something to get off my chest so thank you for listening. Do you know how annoying it is to wake up in 4 inches of snow when your only 4 inches tall? I could barely keep my beak high enough to breathe. I would like be be around awhile longer you know..How's a bird supposed to eat too? All the worms are buried, the spiders crawled into people houses, the berries are gone and... 

The rumor chirps are you are going so send up another foot of snow over the weekend. Is that true? Yes I have built my nest in the center of a sturdy tree like I'm supposed to but have you even been all snuggled in, fast asleep, and the next thing you know a blob of snow from a branch above you comes down on you.. One of the rudest ways to wake up I tell you.. Oh and what's up with freezing weather too? I moved up here because of the mild climate.. I've don't have to many more tail feathers to freeze off.. 

Again, thanks for listening as I know you have more important things to do. I better go now as I gotta stock up on nuts before the squirrels get'em.. 

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