Bottoms Up

As all reasonable people know there are lots of very sensible Brexit plans. To be precise 17,410,742 + 4 that Mrs May has thrown in.

The 16,141,241 Remain idiots only have one plan and it is actually tried and tested. A few issues to be solved but in general works for around 512.6 million people. Boring, unimaginative, undemocratic.

Now finding a good factual reason for Brexit has been difficult but as some of my regular readers know, I have always had the answer: DUTY-FREE.

The bullying lot in Brussels took away this English National Tradition and Sport back in 1999 and life has never been the same.

Thought it was time for a checkup and give you the real true up-to-date facts on how we have been cheated out of at least £350m/week.

I am using the example of a One Litre quantity of Tanqueray London Dry Gin with 43.1% alcohol and distilled by my longtime employer Diageo in the Uk who yesterday published their latest results and I await my meagre share dividend soon.

Tescos supermarket in the UK charges £25.50
UK Duty and VAT taxes on this are £17.49
So the Duty-Free Price at an airport should be around £8.01

Pop down to the famous 1970s Luton Airport Duty Free and get it for £19.79

That's a minimal 147% price hike.

According to Luton's webpage, you could pay that in Euros €24.83

A wonderful exchange rate of £1.00/€1.256
Down at the UK Post Office, it's £1.00/€1.107

Stop bickering, they have to make a profit too.

Well, when you touch down in Berlin. Frankfurt or Munich, go to the nearest branch of REWE one of the two top supermarkets on the Waitrose/Sainsbury/Tesco level.

There it will cost you €21.41 litre or (@ the UK Post Office rates where you exchanged your money before flying) £19.34.

So in Summary for all you Remoaning Ignorant Idiots:

German Supermarket £19.34
Tesco Supermarket £25.50
Luton Duty-Free £19.79
Justifiable Duty-Free Price £8.01

My case rests.
Brexit delivered and dusted off.

Cheers Blipers, have a good weekend

(Calculations as Extra Photo)

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