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By Chamaeleo

Milk: Coffee with Sis.

Take it easier in large.

Met my sis. for coffee at Milk; she wasn't posing here, but settling in after coming in from the rain...

Very interesting coffee today: Milk always offer a selection of single origin beans (with separate beans recommended for milky and black coffees, and another used to make filter coffee), but this week they have a single bean processed in three different ways... It was a red bourbon from Huye Mountain, Rwanda, and I had espressos from natural (dry) process and washed (wet) process beans, and a filter coffee made from honey process ones.
The natural espresso was berry jammy (with heady sweetness from fermentation) whereas the washed was more citrussy and less complex. The filter was much milder (tea-like, but that was the brewing process rather than the bean) and was sweet, fruity, and floral, although less complex and heady than the natural processed coffee.
Eye-opening: I've had similar coffees processed in different ways previously (e.g. natural and washed Ethiopian coffees from a particular farm), but never side by side to really explore the different results.

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