... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Hand-feeding Blue Tit

Less typical in large.
Pelican Pilates
Windswept preening Pelican
Blue tit tipping to launch [My fav., taken just before blip pic...]
Perky coal tit
Posing with parakeet posing with peanut

I regretted not posting a similar moment on a previous occasion, so it had to be this, even though this wasn't my favourite photograph of the day...

My mother and I went to see the Ross'sling, but it and its family were being snoozy by the water's edge, so not being very cooperative subjects. We went to see the pelicans (doing Pilates and preening in the sunshine), and then spent some time watching people feeding the parakeets, this blue tit, and even a coal tit.

I also took some pictures of a rather pretty fading Anemone this morning, so have uploaded a whole load to Flickr...

Others are here (or right from Fading Anemone with stems)

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