... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Uplifting Lower

Cuter a pose and poser in large.
Wood duck preening
Yellow-billed duck at the feeder
Emperor goose Pilates
Sneaking nēnē

"Would you be especially adorable for my blip milestone?"
Rain was forecast, but the sun shone on our WWT visit, and the Emperors nibbled on my mother's boots, so that was all good.

I struggled to choose (...), and there's no particular symbolism in my blip (close to friends?), but realising that it was a milestone made me feel less bad about taking so many photos... Perhaps I was unintentionally trying for 2,500 in a day, rather than 2,500 days in a row. I actually only took 200 at the Wetland Centre, which was pretty restrained for me. Must try harder...

Today's selection are on Flickr here (or right from Nēnē mewing)

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