By dfb24


....flowers. My birthday bouquet was basically done three days ago, but I kept them to experiment. I've been seeing some fabulous pictures on the internet of flowers frozen in water, so last night I put the flowers that hadn't dropped all their petals yet into a few containers & froze them. The first (& largest) container I took out looked great, but when I "unmolded" it, it wasn't frozen through & broke apart. But the smaller containers turned out well, so I took them outside & propped them up in a snowbank so I had better light. The good news is that the sun's out today....the bad news is that it's bitterly cold outside....but the good news is that it's so cold that I could go in and warm up, come back out, and not one tiny piece of ice surrounding the flowers had melted, since it's well below freezing. I put a few more pictures into the extras, as there were so many that I liked. Thanks to BikerBear/Anni for hosting FlowerFridays, & hope you all have a great weekend!  :))

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