Storm Erik Power

I took MrQ to hospital this morning to see a consultant about his breathlessness. A nurse wrote on the wall that we would have to wait seventy minutes after our appointment time to be seen. As it happened it was longer than that. I've never been surrounded by so many grumpy old men. One in a pinstripe suit and another in jogging bottoms moaned vociferously and left without seeing the doctor. 

The doctor was very personable. I was going to say that I had banter with him but my granddaughter says banter equals bullying so I'll use
the word repartee. :) He's arranged some lung function tests for MrQ. 

By the time MrQ had had a blood test, we had picked up his prescription and had a late lunch there wasn't much time for a dogwalk in the rain. Ollie dog and I ended up braving the wind on the bridge over Seventy Acres Lake with storm Erik's Music of the Night singing very loudly and eerily through the power lines above us. We saw a heron launch and I had to shoot it with incorrect settings as it was late and the already poor light was fading. I quite like the blurry, storm-tossed effect.  

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