Mom Blip

When mom has nothing to do, she explores the nooks and crannies of the house, usually the big closet where I still have a few things.  Yesterday she found a bag of magnetic letters I bought years ago for a blip hanging way in the back of said closet.  She called me into the bedroom to watch her try to spell different words out on her bed.

I was called back into her room this morning so she could show me something.  It was this message.  Translated it is "LOVE YOU LAURA (comma) CAROL." When I pointed out that it should be MOM and not CAROL, she explained that she couldn't find the letters so too bad.  I told her she should take a picture of it and I would use it as my blip.  Her eyes lit up and excitement ensued.  As promised, her photo is unprocessed.

A bit of (Italian) family humor:
People’s parents actually give them sage advice, like “Do what you love, and the money will follow” or “The early bird gets the worm.” All I remember is “Don’t fill up on bread.”

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