By HeidiHH

09022019 - Cuevas del Canelobre

Today we took my parents to see the view from Cuevas del Canelobre. We didn't visit the actual caves, but enjoyed the sights and some ice cream and sodas. It was so warm up there.

From there we continued down and stopped at a very local restaurant to have lunch. It was very authentic Spanish place with peacocks and geese at the backyard and their own grapes, lemons and oranges. Everyone else got their meals down without a problem, but I couldn't eat the food that looked too much like the original animal (get what I mean). But the potatoes and dessert were just fine for me. It was a very nice place to visit.

Tomorrow morning we'll take them to the airport and they fly to Amsterdam for couple of days and then back to Helsinki. So sorry their visit was mostly spent riding the cold.

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