By davidc

Silly Saturday: Silly Corners...

We've been out this afternoon looking for a low bookcase to put in Mum-in-Law's room in her care home, to display some of her favourite ornaments & photos. (We're not quite sure how successful this will be, as she has a habit of packing up almost everything in her room into a bag "to be taken back to her house" - it's so sad that she can't remember that she's staying where she is for the foreseeable future. But we want to try, as it would make her room more welcoming for her.)

We've come to the conclusion that a lot of furniture is very silly, in that it's designed with such sharp corners. Admittedly this applies especially to the cheaper ranges but it also affects some more expensive ranges too. Many years ago we had some furniture like that and we felt bad when one of our lads (probably aged 2 or 3) fell against a corner and sustained quite a nasty cut on his back. And during my career I saw several old folk who'd fallen against sharp corners and sustained nasty head injuries or even eye injuries, on some occasions enough to blind the affected eye. I admit that even falling against a rounded corner isn't great - but much less dangerous than a sharp one.

So in my view there should be a law against this silly design. I know that one can buy corner protectors to stick on but they rather spoil the look of the furniture, and after a while they can fall off. Much better to design the furniture sensibly in the first place!

(So far we've not found anything suitable at a price we consider reasonable for what is a bit of an experiment. But we'll keep looking!)

Thanks as always to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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