By Veronica

Just another day at the beach

We decided to go to Salobreña for lunch today. This is nominally an Italian restaurant, recommended to S by an Italian, but we ended up eating a very Spanish meal. Salobreña beach was heaving ... we had to park about 500 metres away. The restaurant had one person whose sole job was to manage the waiting list and direct people to just-vacated tables. She was very firm; people who commandeered tables without asking were firmly and politely moved on. It was very busy, but with such a turnover of tables that we only had to wait about five minutes for one outside ... when we left at 3:30, the next occupants were already hovering, with a waiter poised to clear and reset the table. 

A buzzy atmosphere ... you could almost be in Seville. And quite a contrast to yesterday's lunch, consumed in splendid isolation in front of the wood fire at Los Prados. We used the same strategy: one starter, one main course, but this time it was a summery salad with goat's cheese, caramelised apple, and honey, followed by a slab of perfectly cooked bacalao with allioli and tomato sauce. Only room for coffee afterwards. The beach was busy too; lots of people chose to picnic by the water or eat at the chiringuito actually on the sand (see extra).

In the evening, the Casa de la Cultura for music described as "blues fusion". Mistake ... as we left after the fourth number, I mentioned to S that "fusion" is often code for "We don't really know how to do this, so we'll call it fusion." Middle-of-the-road musicians fronted by a singer who tried to disguise her lack of singing talent with slinky dance moves only slightly hampered by six-inch stilettos and a pencil skirt she could hardly walk in. We decided we'd rather spend the evening at home. Tomorrow's musical entertainment looks more interesting though.

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