The Before!

Believe it or not, this was the pre match Leo. The warmup meant he turned from yellow to brown very quickly

It seemed to rain all night so it was no surprise that the pitch was a mess!

Cully lost 4-3 but as they were 3-0 down well into the second half, that ended up seeming very positive.

On the way home, we passed a field with what looked like huge chickens in it from a distance. We were all trying to figure out what these weird creatures could be. As we got closer we could finally figure out they were very muddy sheep. Just like Leo the muddy red soil had transformed them. Funny how their white fleece makes such a difference. They just looked like red/brown blobs.

We stopped off at a Garden Centre on the way home to warm up in their cafe. It also presented me with an irresistible shot of Ian amongst other Dorset Knobs - well he is Poole born and bred (extra).

Then after a haircut and a mini plod for me, it was feet up and crochet time. And after some really tricky and dodgy squares, I hit what I think may be my favourite so far - despite its popcorn stitches which I manage in a hit and miss fashion (another extra).

It was wet and wild all day - but nowhere as bad as elsewhere.

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