Peace and blessing

It was twenty years ago today — or thereabouts — that I had this thought and made art from it in the inside cover of my journal. 

Through art you empty yourself, and through art you are filled.

You can do this through someone else's art, Alexander McCall Smith or David Hockney or the Beatles, but it's really satisfying to do it through your own art. You may not be a genius, but you can still let your guitar gently weep.

Peace and blessing report:

My artist friend Carol has gone to God, surrounded by her loving family, with her granddaughter holding her hand. Rest in peace, dear Carol.

My 90-year-old Franciscan priest friend Brother Robert returned from a week in the hospital much improved, and in high spirits. We spent half an hour on the phone together, with much laughter.

I'm very grateful to everyone who blessed them with loving thoughts.

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