Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

Leave A Trace

After a day mostly spent being the most tired that I've ever been for no real reason (I feel like it might be a combo of residual SuperBowl tiredness, plus the madness of work this week as I've been learning a bunch of new stuff for when Sarah's not around), Rich & I headed into Town to meet Phil and Louisa for some Chvrches fun. We popped to The Victoria first (where I had a quite lovely blood orange sour beer), then to Holy Moly for a slightly disappointing mac n cheese (the toppings were amazing but the actual thing could've done with more cheese), then to Sunflower Lounge for a quick pint before the gig. 

Chvrches themselves were absolutely amazing, but I was having a slightly hard time at the gig because a) people around me kept talking very loudly throughout the whole thing, b) the aforementioned tired and c) towards the end of the gig my stomach started rejecting the crispy onions from my mac n cheese... I spent the last 3 songs in the loo, which wasn't the worst actually because the sound was surprisingly good in there and there weren't as many people talking! I am so ready for bed now though.

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