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By keibr

Hanging Hazard - snow wave

Another day when both Jan and I basically blip the same thing.  With the plus degrees we are having the snow soaks up moisture from the atmosphere, gets very heavy, and unfreezes from the roof. Then it starts to slide.  At the back of the house the first you know is a very loud swoosh, followed by a dull thump. The whole area around the cellar door is then deep in soggy snow. Dig it out quickly before it turns into a concrete hard mass.
At the front of the house there's an angle on the roof so instead of avalanching off without warning the snow slowly moves down the roof, creating this curling wave.  It adds a certain excitement to life, having to pass under this lot every time you go in or out of the house!
This image was taken on the way out, just after lunch. When we came home 4 hours later the snow was all lying on the ground, in front of the door, about 45 cm (18") deep.  In one way it was a bit of a pain to have to dig it out, but in another way it was a relief that we didn't have to pass under this hanging hazard any more.
With reference to yesterday's picture we went to town to visit the builder's merchant and buy a tap, and a plug hole assembly, for the Red House bathroom.  Carried away by enthusiasm we also bought a new kitchen tap for our house, to replace the one that's been dripping for the last 10 years. Tomorrow I'll see if I can get my plumber's badge part II. (Part 1 was taking everything to pieces.)

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