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By Damnonii

Clouds over Campsies...

Backblipped 10.02.19

Ele and Kenny stayed over so after a lovely lie in (not too late) we went to our favourite local deli for breakfast.  Kenny left shortly afterwards to go to Leven to watch the  Partick Thistle v East Fife match (thankfully the Jags won.)

Ele came back with us and after a horrible downpour, D and Ele headed off to moor with Lola where they met two other dog walkers and their dogs and Lola had a ball playing with four new friends.

They were very lucky with the weather as they were just back in the house a few minutes when it was pouring rain again.

After a coffee, we headed off to visit John and Norma, dropping Ele at home on our way to theirs.

I was relieved to find John in his usual high spirits but he looked tired.  He also told me that the hospital discharged him and sent him home with his cannula still in arm so he had to go back in to have it removed.  His discharge letter also states that he's no longer feeling chest pain, even though he explicitly told them he was.  I have made him promise to see his GP on Monday.

He has his pre-op check for his knee op just over a week from now so I am hoping that will be an additional check for any problems.  

Home for dinner and an early night.  Jeez one late night and we're wiped out these days!  

Campsies over Christmas

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