By CircuitBurger

'Furry Thief'

We have a bird table and a small wooden bench (As seen) to feed the local birds in our neighbourhood.
But we noticed that every time we placed a 'FatBall' on either the table or bench, a few hours later, they would mysteriously disappear.
We thought, they birds can't really be eating them that quickly, as those 'FatBalls' are solid little things.
Then one day, the Good Lady spotted Mr Squirrel run along the fence, jump over to the bird table, and run off with a 'FatBall'
I grabbed the camera and long lens, and sat in wait.
Then some time later, he reappeared and stole the 'FatBall' on the bench......Busted!!
Since then, we put the balls out, and the birds continue to feed, but during the course of the day, predictably, the balls vanish.
We haven't got the heart to take measures to prevent it, as we think its fab, we are helping feed a furry friend and his family:)
For this shot:- 70-300mm used (Shot through glass, so the ultimate sharpness has been lost, but nevermind, I like the final result)
Kind regards

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