By CircuitBurger


Whilst sitting in the our Day Room that overlooks our garden, I heard a rather strange sounding plane up in the air.
Our home is situated right under the flight path for high altitude planes flying to America / Canada / Ireland and also lower flying planes, heading to Manchester Airport and other Airfields around Cheshire/Manchester area.
As we have so many planes flying over head, I'm familiar with the various types in service, but today, I heard something different.
I went outside and looked up, and noticed the plane looked different.
It was only when I attached the 70-300mm lens and zoomed in, did I realise what plane it was.
This is the aircraft used by Airbus to transport parts made at their Cheshire UK factory near Queensferry.
Not your usual looking aircraft is it?, and one I've not seen before.
I'll certainly look out for it again though:
For this shot:- 300mm and then heavily cropped to get a closer look. The plane was passing through some wispy clouds, which robbed me of ultimate sharpness. Nevermind, it's not too unclear:)
Kind regards

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