Glowing in the Sunlight

The day started off warm but cooled in the afternoon. It was 27c this morning and most of the afternoon it was around 24c. Which is a good temperature for me.

I had to go to my GP for my three month check. I asked about my results on my knee scan. Until she looked at my file she didn't know what I was talking about.

I saw another doctor about my knee and she hadn't done anything about my scan results and just filed them away. My GP was a bit annoyed about that and also about the place that did the scan as they should compared the results with the last scan I had about three years ago. She looked them up and said my Bakers Cyst has just about tripled in size in that time. After examining me she said I need to see a Orthopedic Surgeon. I can't bent my knee will and can't straighten out. Knowing the health system, this could take months! Good something is being done at last.

Tomorrow is to be really hot and more hot weather for most of the week. I am going to go to Akaroa tomorrow to water the garden and make sure all is Ok. I will be back in the weekend as I am going to a Travel Expo with my youngest son to see if we can get any good deals to Thailand.

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