Hobbs's Run

By hobbs

Penrith Weir

My earliest blip was posted on the 6th May 2011 which was (as well as I can figure) some 7 years and  251 days ago. I have goofed off a lot over the time with many sundry absences and lengthy sabbaticals  buuuut  I am basically still here as of now, still giving cheek, 2500 blips later.

I must say that the business of posting a worthwhile image every day IS getting harder and I hate putting up pictures which entirely lack merit or interest. Many of my dropped dates were due to the fact that I just had nothing decent to offer. In fact, my future blips may be less regular if only because I feel compelled to get more choosy in that regard and so raise the quality of my journal.  On the other hand, what really keeps me blipping  (and coming back after hiccups) is the support from the many wonderful folk that I have met here. Thank you. Thank you. At Blipfoto there's a stimulating spirit of good will and positivity that is not matched anywhere else on the net, in my experience.

The picture above is a long exposure of Penrith Weir on the Nepean River. We have had a lot of storm activity recently and one helluva lot of rain at times. Consequently the river is very high and the weir wall is overflowing along its full length. I don't recall ever seeing quite as much overflow here before. See the extras for a better idea of what the river near the weir looked like today. Weatherwise it seemed almost ideal.

The blip itself looks a little "painterly" but that seems to be the result of shooting long exposures in bright sunshine. Normally I go for overcast or shady situations when shooting slow water but in this case I couldn't really pick the time. Highlights and harsh shadows get out of control in bright sun so then you have to do drastic things to adjust the tonal balance in post - resulting in a slightly unnatural look. Oh well. I guess that shooting this way is unnatural to begin with.

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