Life through the lens...

By ValC

Open wide.

The tulips I bought 10 days ago have now opened wide.
I love how they twist and flop all over as they still keep on growing in the vase. ( see extra)
Did this closeup for Mono Monday, although not the theme for today.

At last I seem to be getting some where with Barclays Bank.
Trying to get new mandates for the wine club has been going on since last August.
This time spoke to Matthew.
He checked the account, and confirmed they received the last lot of forms back in November.
Very sorry, but they hadn’t been processed!
This delay doesn’t often happen, he said!
I said, I certainly hope not!
So fingers crossed I will receive a letter in the next two weeks confirming everything.

Looking forward to our wine club meeting tonight.
The theme is “ Golden Oldies” the Aging of Wine. Sounds interesting.
The speaker is one of our members from York.

It has been a beautiful day, although I have not been out to enjoy it. Too much to do.
However the rest of the week sounds good, so hope we will make the most of mild weather later on.

Many thanks for your stars and hearts for yesterday’s finches. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos.

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