Blinking seagulls

Who PINCHed the grub?

Thanks Laurie for today’s MM264 theme “PINCH”
***Vegan Day 1***

Sorry I’m getting boring. So today, after lunch at Twelve Eatery (Organic, Vegan), did my first All Vegan Shop at our wonderful Organic Vegan Shop up from The Triangle.

Lunch was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Feijoada (Black Bean, Jackfruit, smoked Seitan sausage, kale, rice, teeny weeny peppers) - with the most wonderful flavours. I’m addicted. My non vegan friends: one had the same, the other had English breakfast (including tofu ‘scrambled egg’). They loved everything. Even the coffees (cappuccino, flat white, americano) made with oatmilk were excellent.

Expected the place to be empty as it was Monday, and so new (so did the owners!). Instead by 1pm it was full, even the back room had a couple of customers.

So shopped for the Seitan sausage, amongst other goodies. Including buckwheat pancake mix.

Now home, feeling full. Perhaps the left overTofu can keep one more day.

Feels like a celebration today. Been toying with the big V for a few years. ***Today’s the day***

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