By hazelh

Spring snowflake (leucojum vernum)

Before anyone accuses me of having an obsession with snowdrops, I'd just like to point out that this is a different plant: a spring snowflake. We have a few clumps of them in my mother's garden. This one was enjoying the sunshine under the beech tree this morning.

After a wander around the garden to admire the spring flowers, my mother drove us into Hexham to drop us off at the station (and then do some errands of her own). We had a very easy journey home, with wonderful views out of the window.

While travelling I wrote and uploaded a blog post about one of the current research projects in my group, and the call for study participants. If you manage, or help to manage, social media accounts for someone who has dementia, please follow the link to the post on my blog.

Back home in Edinburgh I racked up my step count with visits to two supermarkets, the post office, and the library.

Exercise today: walking (15,222 steps).

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