Autumn beech

It was another beautiful autumn day today – just perfect for Mr hazelh’s birthday. We spent the morning at my parents’ house with visits from walkingMarj and EveF, and drove back to Edinburgh after lunch. My blip is of the beech tree in my parents’ garden.

When I hit the milestone of 1000 blips on Tuesday I promised that I would write a little about the period since my 730th blip on 10th January 2014. Here it is.

When I look back through all the pictures I have posted since blip 730 I am, once again, astonished at all the activity that has been fitted in over such a short period. No wonder I am exhausted given my punishing workload (all those meetings!), the time away from home (for work and holidays), the hardcore partying (it’s great that we have so much to celebrate), and what felt like a never-ending succession of visitors over the summer (we love our friends and family).

Some of the more “exciting” news/events covered in this period include: realising my ambition to research the practice of blippers; the long farewell to the squirrel wallpaper in our sitting room; the destruction by fire of the University of Birmingham hall of residence where Mr hazelh and I first met; a much-anticipated school reunion; and the Scottish independence referendum.

As regards my own blipping practice, since my first Blipbook arrived I have been paying more attention to the narrative that accompany my pictures so that my next one will have a stronger feel as a journal.

These are my favourite shots since my last milestone of 730 blips:

Meadows sunrise, 21st January 2014
Edinburgh Old Town from North Bridge, 4th February 2014
Evening Meadows jewels, 13th February 2014
Pool lizard, 25th February 2014
Meadows blossom, 29th April 2014
Finland in “spring”, 15th March 2014
Darning, 6th April 2014
Cosmo, 12th April 2014
Murals of Reykjavik, 17th April 2014
Dolly’s down there, 17th June 2014
Rose in full bloom, 23rd June 2014
Red, white and blue, 4th July 2014
Sky over Skye, 22nd July 2014
Skye on Broughton Street, 6th August 2014
October sunset, 1st October 2014

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